Chris Maree

Electrical Engineer & full stack blockchain developer. Passionate about open source software, blockchain and decentralized finance.

About me

Hi 👋! I’m Chris and I am a full stack developer with interests in blockchain technology and decentralized finance. I’ve been involved in a bunch of different opensource projects and startups, you can check them out below.

I see blockchain as a technology that empowers people for the first time to challenge the power structures that define our society at a protocol level.

Oh and I also like scuba diving, photography, live music and good food 🤘🚀.

Work experience & startups

2022 - Present

Research Partner

Hack VC is an early-stage venture capital firm focused on partnering with daring entrepreneurs at the earliest stages. Over the past decade, Hack VC is a shareholder in over 175 startups, including four unicorns.

I am currently a research partner at Hack VC, helping with prospective investment evaluation and supporting portfolio projects. This is done in a part time capacity.

UMA Protocol

2020 - present

Senior Software Engineer

UMA is a decentralized financial contracts platform built to enable Universal Market Access. Use UMA’s self-enforcing contract design patterns and provably honest oracle mechanism to create your own financial products using standards like ERC20. Using concepts borrowed from fiat financial derivatives, UMA defines an open-source protocol that allows any two counterparties to design and create their own financial contracts. But unlike traditional derivatives, UMA contracts are secured with economic incentives alone, making them self-enforcing and universally accessible.

I am currently part of the core engineering team at UMA building out the protocols smart contracts, infrastructure and tooling.


2018 - 2020


Registree is a decentralized and cryptographically secure student database and platform that connects students, universities and employers. Registree uses a combination of blockchain and distributed database technology so universities can securely store student data in a way that preserves students privacy and allows third parties to query student data. With Registree's platform, students own their data while universities are the sole creators of data which guarantees that the data obtained from the Registree platform is accurate, verified and authentic.

I was responsible for building out Registree’s software architecture, dev ops pipe lines, front end, authentication, blockchain infrastructure and self sovereign identity solutions. I also actively researching the scalability, security and interoperability solutions required to make Registree’s ultimate goals a reality.

Ribbon Blockchain

2018 - 2020


Ribbon Blockchain is a Public Health Incentives platform that adds a tokenization layer to any national public health system used to channel donated, pledged or sponsored funding for health and wellness related behavioral incentives. Funding is sent directly to patients, community health workers and healthcare practitioners where incentives are used to improve prevention, adherence, quality care delivery and overall population health outcomes. Ribbon has received funding from Consensys social impact grants and is building out its POC in 2019

I lead the development on the Ribbon platform and was responsible for the technology architecture design and implementation. I lead up the research into implementing scalable micropayments using xDAI as well as USSD based on and off ramps for users. I also explored the design of a data marketplace to enable the sale of anonymized medical records using the Ribbon platform.

I've also done internships at Vat IT, Entelect and Saicom Voice Services as a software engineer while doing my Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering.

Open source projects


2020 - Present

HoneyLemon is creating synthetic Bitcoin cloud mining contracts on top of Ethereum. This enables BTC miners to sell the future payoff from their hash rate which acts as a hedge against volatility in the BTC mining industry. Investors can buy future payoff from cloud mining contracts to gain exposure to the synthetic payoff which. This enables them to get exposure to mining without needing to invest in mining equipment.

I am a core contributor and am currently responsible for the smart contracts implementation. I am also involved the financial engineering and overall system design.

Cherry Swap

2019 - Present

Cherry Swap is building next generation financial derivatives which leverage the existing DeFi ecosystem to offer pooled interest rate swaps for borrowers and lenders. Through interest rate swaps DeFi users can either secure a fixed rate to borrow or lend against or speculate on changing interest rates in the DeFi lending market. Cherry Swap implements a custom version of a traditional vanilla interest rate swap; hence the name interest rate swaps with a cherry on top.

I am one of the co-founders of this project and am currently responsible for building out the financial models to build interest rate swaps within the DeFi space. Cherry Swap won EthBerlin open track prize and has received the Binance X Fellowship.


2018 - 2019

NFT eCards for greater fun and greater good. All income goes to charities working to promote Internet freedom and environmental rights. Under the hood RadiCards is a platform for creating NFT eCards. Ether or DAI can be attached to the eCards and then sent to friends using trustless claimable links. All other proceeds go to charity.

I was one of the founders of the project and helped build out the initial version for Christmas in 2018. Early 2019 we took the project to a new level integrating claimable links and DAI intergration for Chinese New Year 2019. I lead up the development for this second iteration and was responsible for the smart contracts and front end design and integration.



MeterBlock was a collaborative project that created a decentralised platform to facilitate the governance of electrical energy consumption and production, measured and controlled by smart, blockchain-connected power meters. The goal of the project was to build a prototype device running on the Ethereum blockchain to facilitate this energy exchange governance.

This project formed part of my dissertation for my honors degree. It won the SAIEE National Student Paper Competition as well as the most innovative 4th year project amongst all engineering discipline in my graduate class at Wits in 2018.


University Of Cape Town

MPhil Masters In Data Science, specializing in Financial Technology

2019 - 2020

The Master’s in Fintech offered at UCT is a new, innovative degree covering the technology behind modern financial innovation and big data analysis through in-depth training in machine learning, software design, and distributed ledger technologies. The degree combines technology with an understanding of financial markets and is designed to foster entrepreneurship. During the program we collaborate closely with fintech start-ups and the financial services industry.

University Of Witwatersrand

BSc (Eng) Honors, Electrical and Information Engineering. Cum Laude

2015 - 2018

The BSC in Electrical Engineering is a 4 year honours level program. It contains a broad mix of courses that cover diverse aspects such as electric circuits, software engineering, microprocessors, telecommunications, electronics and networking. I tailored the program to focus on as much software engineering and computer science as possible, while still maintaining the electrical engineering topics. My honors year was focused heavily on blockchain based applications, where I created MeterBlock for my final year project.

I've also done the Consensys Academy during my bachelors. I went to highschool at St John’s College in Johannesburg and achieved 7 distinctions for matric.

Other Notable projects, hackathons & papers



Portfolio Alignment for Degens. With Mindful, you can adopt strategies to mindfully DCA into assets, rebalance your portfolio, and take profits automatically. Let your mindful self plan for your degen self’s future. Mindful was built as part of the EthOnline 2020 hackathon where we placed as a finalist and won the Balancer first prize award.

Blockchain Dapp EthOnline 2020 winner 🏆 DeFi



UpsideDai is a highly leveraged contract for difference (CFD) built on Dai, Uniswap and Maker. This mechanism enables traders and speculators to bet on and hedge against price fluctuations of Dai by buying leveraged long or short positions. The CFD construction enables high leverage (20x) while remaining capital efficient and not requiring high margin requirements (100% collateralization). Positions are priced against the market observable Dai/Usd price by using a combination of the Maker oracle and Uniswap.

Blockchain Dapp EthDenver Hackathon 2020 winner 🏆 DeFi

$DAI Daddy II (Uncensored)


DAI Daddy II builds on enabling the unwinding CDPs. Under this model, rather than requiring a counterparty to ensure a CDP is repaid, the new DAI Daddy smart contract withdraws collateral from the CDP, uses Kyber Network to convert this ETH to DAI, and then pays off the CDP and returns the remaining ETH collateral to the owner.

Blockchain Dapp Kyber DeFi Virtual Hackathon 2019 finalists 🥈 DeFi

$DAI Daddy


Dai Daddy is an autonomous platform for buying and selling Maker CDPs. Sellers can list their CDP for sale and offer a “discount rate” - less than the 13% fee they would have to pay if forcibly liquidated - which incentivises buyers to provide capital upfront and buy out the seller’s debt. In this way it acts like a debt market for makerCDPs.

Blockchain Dapp Diffusion DeFi Hackathon 2019 winner 🏆 DeFi



Dapp to sell crypto at predefined intervals on the way up during a bull run. Dapp calculates all sell prices based on user input and recommends the best strategy to exit your position. Funds are stored in smart contracts and automatically traded via Uniswap. Contracts were written in Vyper, front end in VueJS using materialUI. Offchain relayers watch the contracts and trustlessly execute trade orders within the contract to preform token swaps on UniSwap.

Blockchain Dapp Vyper DeFi

Dapp created as past of masters degree enabling academics to monetize their research for commercial applications while supporting open science. Researches can register on the platform, upload their works and create open auctions for material. Companies can buy licenses to use the research which mints non-fungible tokens(ERC721) which represent ownership of a licence. Integration done with IPFS for file storage and Orcid for academic profile verification.

Blockchain Dapp Fintech IPFS

Crypto Back Tester


Cryptocurrency backtest to compare different rebalancing and trading strategies. It covers working with crypto price API’s to retrieve information, manipulate this information using pandas and numpy into something that can be used in time series computations to implement different trading strategies. Interactive time series plotting is covered using plotly.

Blockchain Fintech Python Jupyter Notebooks



Dapp which creates automatically rebalancing crypto funds in a decentralized and trustless manor. Snap fund leverages decentralized exchanges for automated portfolio rebalancing to maintain a predefined ratio of ERC20 tokens.

Blockchain Dapp Vyper DeFi EthCapetown Hackathon 2019 winner 🏆

Blockchain Art Directory


Contributed to the development of the Blockchain Art Directory (BAD) that serves as a service featuring a comprehensive collection of current, future and former projects which are dedicated to blockchain art, crypto collectibles and Non Fungible Tokens. I was responsible for building the search and filtering component of the front end application as a freelancer.

Blockchain Web Development

Energy Consumption Optimization Platform


Energy consumption visulization to monitor and optimize energy consumption for a dynamic collection of buildings, such as a university. This a component of my honors thesis at Wits along with meterBlock.

Fullstack Web development Devops Python Jupyter Notebooks



Decentralized, peer to peer funding platform for creatives, charities and open source projects. Ethstarter enables individuals to create new campaigns and publish them on an open platform. Key campaign logic is stored within Ethereum Smart contracts and additional information (such as images, text and embedded content) is stored on IPFS.

Dapp Solidity Consensys Academy

Smart Contract Development Best Practice Paper


I wrote a paper on the current research into Ethereum smart contract development best practice relating to contract security. Previously hacked contracts are identified and discussed, breaking down exactly how the hack occured. A selection of the latest symbolic execution-based and static analysis tools are then used to analyze these contracts to try and identify the exploited vulnerabilities.

Blockchain Solidity Security Wits



blockPoll is a pseudo-anonymous, online, blockchain-based voting tool, used to facilitate organizational-based proxy voting and polling mechanisms for a wide array of uses.

Blockchain Dapp Solidity Unlock the Block Hackathon 2018 Winner 🏆



Co-owned multisignature staking pool for Ethereum’s proof of stake. Was conceptual before ETH2.0 specks were full defined or fleshed out and explored the possibility of staking pools.

Blockchain Dapp Solidity Blockchaingers Hackathon 2018 second place 🥈



Started an open-source project providing cryptographically verifiable certificates of authenticity, stored on Ethereum (eg university degrees, on the Blockchain). Was my first intro into Ethereum blockchain, more serious front end development and smart contracts.

Blockchain Dapp Solidity